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This Picture Of Kentucky Fans From Last Night's Game Is Pure Art

Just so much going on in one picture. First you may notice the fella in the front. Brandon Knight jersey, double barbed wire tattoos to keep those guns protected and then the blue fedora. But your eyes may also go to the guy in the back who doesn’t have his head showing. We’re all thinking it. Then there’s the two guys to the left. The one who knows exactly where the camera is to look pissed/confused and what I’m assuming is his friend sitting by his waist.

This is what makes college sports so great. You never know what you’re going to see in the fans. Some days it’s Katherine Webb and smokeshow sorority chicks. Sometimes it’s a blue fedora and double barbed wire tattoos.

I love my people.*

*I know none of these people and this is not an accurate representation of the Kentucky fanbase I associate myself with