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Lady Pretends She's Deaf For 9 Months To Keep Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend Interesting



(Source) Some people go to outrageous lengths to keep something from their boyfriend or girlfriend, but few go as far as a waitress in Kodiak, Alaska. The waitress, identified only as “Tina,” dated a fisherman for nine months and pretended she was deaf the entire time without her beau finding out. The woman narrates this bizarre story in a frankly ridiculous reenactment on “My Crazy Love,” a new series debuting Oct. 28 on Oxygen.Tina says the first meeting was like slow-motion, mainly because she was shocked there was actually an attractive single guy in Kodiak, Alaska.

“I was frozen,” she said on the episode. “I don’t know why …. but I look at the guy and say, ‘I’m deaf.’ He just looks down at me, grabs my shoulder and yells ‘My name is Chris.'” “He turns around to his buddies and says, ‘This deaf chick is hot!'” It was a whirlwind romance where the couple communicated by texts and body language. Tina kept up the charade, which was made easier when Chris went on a three-month fishing trip. “It’s just an unspoken rule,” she said. “If your man is going out fishing, you don’t tell him any lies, secrets or nothing like that.”

It was tough to stay in character. “If a door slams, you’ve got to not look,” she said. “If a dog barks, you have to be really careful not to look or anything. Cross the street and you have to pretend you can’t hear the horn honking at you.” There were some advantages to faking deafness. “In bed, it was a different story. I could be as loud as I wanted,” she said.




Can’t have a more classic chick story than this. Oh yeah I just froze and pretended I was deaf because I saw a hot guy at the bar. What???? No you didn’t. That makes zero sense. You pulled a crazy chick move and implemented drama into a relationship for no reason other than the fact that you were bored and wanted shit to do. That’s chick 101. Most women get their drama by picking random insignificant fights out of thin air but some need to go the extra mile. Pretend they can’t hear for 9 months, walk around their house ignoring slamming doors and loud tv’s. The point remains, all chicks need a thing, and this one picked pretending to be deaf. It’s the least surprising news of all time. Just crazy as crazy gets.




This story reminded me of the fake sign language guy at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Still one of the funniest stories of all time.