Atlanta Hawks Fans Troll LeBron James With A "Kobe's Better" Chant

Oh hell yes. Normally I can’t stand watching Hawks games because their PA announcer kills me but I have to give credit to the fine people of Atlanta for this chant. It’s been a rough week for LeBron, his plan to bring in Anthony Davis didn’t work, he had a nice 42 point loss not too long ago which just so happened to be the worst of his career and now this. You know this cuts LeBron deep too because the Kobe vs LeBron issue has existed since the second he became a Laker. Sure he may be the best player in the world but it has to eat away at him that he’ll never be considered better than Kobe. Whether it’s by Lakers fans or anyone else. I have no other grade to give this than a solid A+. Well done.

I’m also very much here for this trend of just trolling every single Laker as soon as they get to the free throw line. We saw it a few days ago when they played the Pacers

and now Hawks fans are the latest to carry this tradition. It makes me feel good that we can all come together with the same common goal of trolling the Lakers. With how divided this country can be at times this may be the thing that finally brings us together as a nation.

Also, quick question. Are we sure our friend Tyler wasn’t the one who started this chant? Makes you think