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I’m Sneaky In Love With The Louisville Flip The Bird Girl

So in case you missed it Duke had one of the greatest comebacks in the history of college basketball last night.   They were down 23 with 9 minutes to go and it felt like they were down 100.  They couldn’t shoot, they couldn’t score, they couldn’t do anything.   And then all hell broke loose.   They started going full court press and Louisville started turning the ball over every single possession.   It looked like were a CYO team.  And then Duke would pull up for a razzle dazzle 3 from like 5 feet beyond the NBA three point line and it went in every time.   It was amazing.

But the most amazing part of the entire comeback for me was this Louisville “Flip
the Bird” girl.   Like I’ve seen lots of fans give the finger before but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more raw emotion than this double bird.   Just so mad and so frustrated.  I love how she kind of like clapped her hands together after she did it too.  Like cmon man somebody do something.  In fact it wouldn’t even surprise me if she blacked out and had no idea she did it.  That’s how real this moment was and why I love sports.

PS – I had the over in this and needed OT.  The charge call reversal killed me.   Also had the over in LSU vs Kentucky.   The non goal tend call killed me.   Gambling sucks.   For everybody who roots for me to go bankrupt congrats.