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Wake Up With Lenny Randle Punching A Pitcher In The Face And Starting A Hell Of A Brawl
What a great baseball fight this was, IDK how I've never seen or even heard of it. We've got some guy named Lenny Randle on the Rangers who was in the box. The pitcher throws one inside on him which Randle doesn't seem too fond of. Randle decides to drag bunt, and I think I know why.
The pitcher fields it clean, tries to make the tag and that is exactly what Randle wanted. As the pitcher comes up with the ball, Randle lays a hit on him that John Randle would be proud of. I mean he laid him out. I love how Randle just takes off for first acting like he didn't do anything wrong, luckily the first baseball decided to show off his form tackling as well. First baseman wraps him up and drives him into the ground. It's an all out brawl from there wit some good punches landed.
Most of the times baseball fights are just pushing and shoving and yelling, not here. Everyone was trying to get a piece of someone else, quite an impressive fight if you ask me.
Fun Fact- I googled this guy Lenny Randle, turns out he also punched one of his managers in the face three times. Sensing a theme here….