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Is Butterbean Knocking Out Bart Gunn The Most Devastating Punch Ever Thrown?

So 90sWWE is under the radar like the best twitter follow on the internet. Just constantly posting vintage WWE clips that make me gasp, laugh, cry etc. This one came up yesterday. I literally did a triple take. I had no recollection of this event, but by golly that is the most devastating punch I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve watched it 100 times already. I was so fascinated by this clip went and researched this entire “Brawl For It All” event. It’s just amazing shit. Vince basically turning the WWF into UFC for a couple nights and everybody getting hurt and knocked out and shit. It just shows how awesome the 90’s were. You could literally do anything. And the best part is that after Bart Gunn got murdered in the ring Vince just fired his ass.

PS – On the 98th viewing of this I realized Vinny Pazienza was the referree here. Hilarious.