Will Ben Simmons Hit His First NBA 3 Pointer Tonight Against Boston? Sources Say Probably Yes

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Ben Simmons just rimmed out of making his first career NBA 3-pointer on Sunday afternoon against the Lakers. It was a shot that took everyone, especially Joel Embiid, a little by surprise. However, it’s going to be something that people will be getting very used to seeing as Brett Brown said he wants to see more and more of this out of Ben as the team starts getting ready for the playoffs.

So Ben Simmons attempted a legitimate NBA 3-pointer against LeBron and the Lakers on Sunday. It looked pretty good and was close to going in. So now it only makes sense that he’ll make his first 3-pointer tonight against the Boston Celtics. Against the fanbase who is more obsessed with Ben Simmons not shooting the 3 than they are with their own team. I mean it is quite literally the thing that Celtics fans care the most about. They don’t care that they’re going to lose Kyrie in free agency. They don’t care that they’re going to strike out on Anthony Davis–or even if they do land him in a trade, he’s getting out of there as soon as possible. Boston Celtics fans don’t care about anything in the world more than they care about Ben Simmons and his shot. That’s a fact.

Honestly, I’d be incredibly nervous tonight if I were a Celtics fan. Because as soon as that first Ben Simmons 3 gets knocked down, there’s nothing else they really have to talk about. I mean Fultz is gone so you can’t talk about drafting Fultz over Tatum anymore. And yeah, that trade clearly still sucks ass but that was a Bryan Colangelo fuck up and the only reason why Bryan Colangelo was here in the first place is because the NBA forced him upon Philly. You can’t put that on the Sixers. Luckily Elton Brand is here to clean up that mess, and now Brett Brown is here to force Ben Simmons to start jacking up 3’s. So what more do you possibly have left if the “Shoot a 3, coward” crowd is effectively cancelled? Troubling times ahead.