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"Inside Edition" Does The Noble Thing And Shames People For Not Paying Train Fares

And someone said hard-hitting, investigative journalism was dead and gone. Finally, out of the darkness rises a new face for this generation. Someone brave and bold enough to *checks notes* shame people out of paying for the train. Heroic stuff here. Where would we be without this kind of reporting on the epidemic known as hopping the turnstile? People seem very appreciative of this nose to the pavement type reporting.

And the people interviewed seemed to really appreciate cameras being shoved in their faces for pulling off the crime of the century! Ranging from:

Bitch, you can get these hands if you’d like


To: “Are y’all the cops? Better not risk it and skedaddle.”


And finally, “Ma, I will throw you in front of the next moving train do not play with me today.”


You know what this piece accomplished? It convinced me how fucking easy it is to not pay for the subway. I’ve been here for over two years, refilling my metro card every single week, paying my coins like a true sucker. Well that ends today. Paying for the train is for losers and I will no longer be classified as such. And since I have long legs like a flamingo I can basically just step over the turnstile without breaking stride, making me that much harder to catch in the act.

PS – Shoutout this guy for being a real MVP. All this video did was show me that under the streets of New York you can still find civility and decency if you look hard enough.