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Our Girl Demi Made The One Cardinal Sin On The Bachelor Last Night

Demi love

Believe it or not, Demi’s number one mistake wasn’t calling her mom for the first time since she was released from prison. That’s not really “3rd date” stuff, in my humble opinion. She was doing so great. The entire internet either loved her or hated her. She stayed in her lane. Didn’t try too hard, but just singlehandedly destroyed girls. If she kept with that strategy should’ve ended up the winner at the end because nobody would’ve been left. You know when a good time to say I love you is? How about never. Don’t do it. Look at the reaction Colton had immediately following that moment

demi reaction

Mentally, Colton was doing this

colten jump

Demi threw a hail mary in the second quarter. ABC teased this whole interaction as Demi going to fuck Colton. That ALWAYS plays. There is never a good time to say I love you and now Demi knows it and now so do you. So if you’re thinking about saying it this week to the person you’ve been kinda dating/hooking up with since cuffing season…don’t. Just because the idea sounds good in your head and it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you’re in love and you CERTAINLY shouldn’t tell anyone you’re in love. Demi now knows not to do that, and so should you. Just take those emotions and bury them WAY down deep inside. Think of Demi if you’re about to do that and remember that she cost all of America another few weeks of great tv. She was the star who just burned too bright and too fast. RIP Demi

PS: I think Hannah G might be the hottest girl in the history of The Bachelor. She reminds me of Lauren Oshie. The PS section of this blog is basically the entire reason for the blog. I hope you enjoyed it.