College Police Launch A Manhunt To Find A 50 Year Old Mom Walking Around The Campus Library Asking Women To Go On A Date With Her Son

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BALTIMORE SUNTowson University police have asked students and staff to be on the lookout for a woman in her 50s wearing a multicolored scarf. She’s looking for a date for her son.

Students complained to officers that she approached them last week in two campus buildings, the Cook Library and Center for the Arts, showing them a picture on her cell phone and asking if they were interested in dating her son.

It caused enough of a disturbance that police alerted students via an “incident advisory” that included a link to surveillance footage of the woman. They asked anyone with information about the woman or the incidents to contact university police at 410-704-4444.

Somebody blogged this last night but this story is wayyyy too good to let go unnoticed.  My favorite criminal of 2019 so far:

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It’s good they have the security footage because I would have 1,000,000% been looking for a heavy-set brunette with curlers in passing her phone around showing off her sweet bubeleh and leaving little care packages of kugel and babka.  That’s just a personal experience thing.

But yes, Asian mothers have been known to take a pretty active role in their children’s lives when it comes to homework and dating.

Yeah it can be a little annoying.  Yeah it can be a little intrusive.

But a police matter?  Passing fliers around of Towson’s Most Wanted: sweet little Asian lady in a floral print scarf?

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Who are all these stuck up little bitches filing police complaints in the first place?  Holy shit, if you’re not interested just say no thank you.  Say you have a boyfriend or that you’re not looking to date right now.   How important is your British lit midterm that you have to call fucking 911 because a woman loves her son and wants him to start a family before the next 20 years of med school?

It’s the god damn millennial culture, is what it is.  Self-absorbed teenage narcissists who think you find the man of your dreams through an app.  Well when was the last time Tinder walked up to you and personally presented a potential partner to you with a sweet smile and glowing reference?  Who can personally vouch that he cleans his room and washes behind his ears and gets all his homework done before supper?

A little respect would be a lot more appropriate than a WANTED poster IMO.