Ladies And Gentlemen, Bend The Knee Before Your New Price Is Right King

Ridiculous hair? CHECK
Even more ridiculous shirt? CHECK
Outrageous way to spell the name Jeffery? CHECK
Victory Worm™? CHECK (Trademark Frank The Tank)

Lost shoe followed by getting a little too close to Barker’s Beauties or Drew’s Boo Boos or whatever the ladies are called now?



I know the hot theory in the streets is that the Price Is Right is now rigging entire shows to get viral moments like this. But to be honest, I really don’t care. If you truly care about the sanctity of how much a two-door sedan or his and her watches cost, watch the old episodes. A lot of the chaos on the Jerry Springer shows were manufactured and that may be the case with Price Is Right now. And I’m fine with it as long as they don’t rig the spinning of the Big Wheel. A man’s got to have a code.

Now bow before King Jeffory, first of his name, Showcase sniper, and pretty much everything Kenny Powers would have been if he never picked up a baseball. Long may he reign (his reign literally ended a minute later since defending champs don’t return on Price Is Right). For the record we are setting odds at Jeff making it back alive from Thailand at +250 once he stops crushing life riding around Merica on his new hog.

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h/t WW24 and Dan