Jimmy Kimmel Continues His Crusade to Make People Look Like Idiots

Classic Kimmel. Just out to make the world look like a worse place one late night show at a time. As played out as this bit is getting, though, this one has to be the absolute worst. I can comprehend there are people out there who don’t watch sports and had no idea Landon Donovan didn’t play in the World Cup this year. I can get over the idea that there are people out in the world who don’t that ObamaCare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing. That’s politics and who really gives a shit about that? But c’mon. This was just brutal. I refuse to believe that humans can be so dumb in 2014. I’m sure there were plenty of people who got interviewed and called bullshit right away, but the fact that there were enough clowns to make an actual skit out of this makes me sad. And the people who said the only thing they care about is the Apple logo on the back are everything that is wrong with anything.