A Bunch Of Kids Going Crazy To Mo Bamba At A Trampoline Park Is Terrifying

Go back through the blogs and tweets and you’ll see that no one is more supportive of the Mo Bamba movement than me. It’s awesome and I’m extremely jealous of the college kids who are living through the Mo Bamba Era. There were some bangers during my time in college thanks to guys like Wiz Khalifa and Waka Flocka Flame but nothing like Mo Bamba. Mo Bama gets the people going in a way I’ve never quite seen before. It will forever live as a Hall of Fame party song.

With all that said, fuck those kids. Little kids ruin EVERYTHING. That video is terrifying and filled me with truckloads of anxiety. I won’t got as far as to say they’ve ruined Mo Bamaba forever but they may have ruined Mo Bamba forever. That video is #NotMyMoBamba. Mo Bamba is for drunk young adults who wanna rage their faces off to the point where the dance floor collapses. Mo Bamba is for college football teams who just won a big game. Mo Bamaba is most certainly not for the trampoline park. I love Mo Bamba a little less today and I never throught I’d say that.