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Two Illinois State Congressmen Wants To Kick Chicago Out Of The State

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) – An Illinois state representative has introduced a bill that urges the U.S. Congress to make Chicago its own state and not a part of Illinois.

Rep. Brad Halbrook, of Shelbyville, filed the resolution HR0101 on February 7th, and it was co-sponsored by Rep. Chris Miller, of Robinson, and Darren Bailey, of Louisville.

The bill claims the majority of the residents in downstate Illinois disagree with the City of Chicago on issues such as gun ownership, abortion, immigration, and other policity issues, 

This is not the first time in the state’s 200 year history that measures have been taken to separate the State of Illinois from the City of Chicago: in 1925, Western Illinoisians declared their region as the “Republic of Forgottonia,” and in 1981, State Senator Howard Caroll tried to get Cook County split off into its own state.

Watch that video above. I found that on the Chicago Reddit page yesterday. This city is so sweet. Absolutely a world class city. Chicago has everything to offer. Here is what the rest of the State has to offer:


soybean field

I can empathize with these people from downstate. I get it. They live in a different world from us. They feel under-represented. All they want to do is have their guns, stone people who get abortions, and not have to pay the Mexicans who are working in their fields. Pilgrims have been fleeing their homelands for new opportunties where they can live by their own values since the beginning of this nation. And I’ve got news for these people downstate in Illinois. There are still places you can live that adhere to the values stated in the article. It’s called…America

Specifically these parts

map of usa

You don’t even have to cross an ocean. Just probably the Mississippi River. If you long for a place where your vote counts and you don’t need a license to carry your gun to Church…just drive anywhere for about 4 hours. You can get to your Promise Land

Here is the thing though…if you live downstate Chicago is the hot ex-girlfriend in your life that causes you nothing but trouble. Privately, it’s nothing but headaches. Fights, VERY expensive, the things you do enjoy about her last about 5-7 minutes at a time. You know it’s not worth it, but you don’t want to quit because you outwardly like being associated with her. It’s a status bump. You go somewhere and tell people you’re from Illinois and they think Chicago. You tell people you’re from Iowa or Missouri and the rest of the country assumes you’re a bumpkin. That’s part of the trade. Maybe the only good part of the trade if you’re from somewhere outside of Chicago.

In all seriousness…this was just a joke. I have no problem with the people downstate or guns. I don’t know what the right answers are. Nobody really does. Everyone, in America, just needs to relax. Realistically, Chicago laws shouldn’t apply to people downstate and vice versa. Everyone just chill and be nice and worry about yourselves.

PS: I don’t know why, but I LOVE when things like this are proposed. I loved Brexit. I was rooting for the break up. Same thing with Scotland. Definitely wanted them to be their own country. I was all over that proposal where California was going to split up into 5 states. Quebec…why are they still part of Canada? Separate. If there was a state/country breakup reality show I would watch every day. Make the arguments. Shout at each other. It’d be awesome.

PPS: How The States Got Their Shapes with the Lawyer from Always Sunny was one of the best fall-asleep History Channel Shows ever

how the states got their shapes

Every episode is on youtube. You’re welcome for the tip