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Fact: Nobody In The World Is Better At Their Job Than A Formula 1 Pit Crew Is At Theirs

There are doctors out there who perform life-saving surgeries. There are people on Wall Street who can turn $5 into $5 million. There are bloggers who can write the shit out of a Philadelphia Flyers season. But nobody–and I mean NOBODY–in the world is better at their job than a Formula 1 pit crew is at theirs. At least not better than this particular pit crew who set a world record for fastest pit stop ever, changing 4 tires out in 1.92 seconds.

Just think about the anxiety that goes into that. There are like 20 different dudes working that one pit stop. Everybody only has 1 job to do but if you fuck up that job for even a split second, you ruin the entire thing. 1 second. You can’t even fuck up for just 1 second. Think about how many times you fuck up throughout the day. At least a handful of times on any given day. It could be something as small as accidentally pulling on a “push to open” door. Or maybe you’re on the sidewalk and you accidentally stumble real quick and have to do that thing where you want to play it off cool but also need to see how many people noticed. Those fuck ups only last about a second or so, which makes them relatively inconsequential to the rest of your day. But if one of these dudes in this pit crew stumbles for a second? That’s pretty much life or death.

These psychopaths all have one job to do and they have less than 2 seconds to do it. All 20 of them together. Imagine getting 20 of your boys together, telling them each to do one thing, and then not a single one of them fucks up. I don’t know. I just feel like pit crews are the closest thing to wizards that we have in real life and they don’t get nearly the amount of attention that they deserve. That’s all I’m saying.

Shoutout to the GOATs