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Montrezl Harrell To A Fan: 'Sit Over There, Be A Fan, And Shut The Fuck Up'

I know you may be thinking a joke is coming here. Nope. Not from me. Not when it comes to talking about Montrezl Harrell who is so high on the list of guys I’d prefer not to piss off. If I’m that fan I sit my ass down as quick as possible. Guess what else? I’m shutting the fuck up. I may even wear a Clippers shirt for the rest of the night just to make sure Harrell doesn’t confuse me with someone else. Just going to sit and enjoy a fine game of basketball.

I don’t know if it’s just social media or what but this year it feels like guys are starting to chirp back at fans and I’m here for it. I’ve always been very much in the boat that you talk shit you have to deal with the possibility of that person talking shit right back to you. I don’t blame a person one iota for responding.