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Known Baby/Psychopath/Head Hunter Evgeni Malkin Tried To Decapitate A Player On The Ice

My god, is anyone luckier than Evgeni Malkin tonight? He was an inch away from taking Raffl’s head right off his body. That could have been, and hopefully would have been, a season+playoffs ending suspension. That is one of the most reckless plays we’ve ever seen. How can one guy be so dumb? And he has a history of this nonsense too. Remember November when he went high on Oshie like a baby back bitch?

Or when he tomahawked the stick into the bench like a lunatic?

And his reason was because Kuzy (a Russian) spoke to him (a Russian) in Russian

He’s the biggest baby in the league, and has been for years. All bark, no bite, but will try to take off your head like he’s playing tee-ball with it at a moment’s notice. Hopefully the NHL finally gives him the suspension he deserves.