I Demand That Every NHL Official Working This Flyers vs Penguins Game Tonight Be Fired On The Spot

I mean… are you fucking kidding me? How do you blow the whistle right there? I know that Matt Murray has 2 Stanley Cups to his name but he’s not exactly an “elite” goaltender in this league. In what world does Matt Murray get a whistle that fast? Lundqvist, I get it. Carey Price, I get it. Quick, I get it. But you can’t go around blowing whistles all willy-nilly the exact moment the puck touches Matt Murray’s glove like that. Because he completely whiffed on that Konecny shot and the refs just completely fucking robbed Nolan Patrick of an easy tap in right here.


That is so bad. It’s absolutely pathetic. And it should be unacceptable for a blown call like that to happen in the NHL. This is the best hockey league in the entire world, and it’s a joke when shit like this happens. This is something you’d expect to see in a semi-decent high school game.

If the NHL has any shred of dignity, none of these guys will ever work an NHL game again. But that’s me putting too much faith in Gary Bettman.

Sick league.