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If You're Not Banging in the Supermarket Aisle Next to the Friskies, You're Shopping All Wrong

Source - A COUPLE were caught romping in a supermarket aisle – hilariously stood next to a box of ‘Friskies’ dog food.

CCTV footage of the encounter shows the pair checking if the coast is clear before having sex in a shop in Italy.

The middle-aged couple just couldn’t wait until they got home – and went at it right in the middle of the aisle.

Although it doesn’t seem like either party is enjoying the encounter a great deal as they retain straight faces throughout.

At one point they even stop for fear of getting caught, and the woman picks up a box of Friskies dog food and inspects it, as a cover for what they were really doing.

Once the deed is done, the couple simply clean themselves up and continue their shop as if nothing untoward has happened.

Go ahead, hate on these two crazy kids all you want. Talk about how deranged you have to be to take your wife to Pleasure Town on the Bone Train in the middle of the pet food aisle. Say how anybody could’ve witnessed them and been traumatized life. Call it gross that they’re leaving their DNA all over the floor for somebody else to clean up like it’s a dropped jar of pasta sauce. All you’re telling me is that you don’t know what it’s like to be what this article calls “middle aged.”

Once you’re past about the age of 40, you don’t have to have it as often or as badly as you did when you were younger. But when the mood hits and you need it? You friggin’ NEED it. For all we know this Robert Lipton-looking guy with the MILF wife might have mistimed a Cialis or something. As as old guys like to say, at a certain age you should never waste a hard-on or trust a fart. So this guy took action.

Besides, the supermarket is just full of sexual double entendres everywhere you look, that will trigger an older couple who has to pick and choose when they’re getting some. Just consider the produce section.

Cucumbers. Eggplants. Melons. Carrots. It’s like a sex shop in there. Now consider the deli. Meat. Salami. Sausage. Hit dogs. Pepperoni. The bakery has cream pies and eclairs and donuts. There’s a whole aisle of just taco stuff. And I was in a supermarket in Italy last summer. The milk comes in bags. It’s a den of pure eroticism when you’re older. So I can absolutely see where these two passionate lovers saw the word “Friskies” and got completely swept up in the moment. Put them down all you want. To a man of my age and limited sex drive, they’re heroes.