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50 Cent Is Back Trolling Floyd Mayweather And I've Never Been Happier

This makes me so so so happy. 50 Cent is the King of Trolls and has been for some time now. When 50 told Floyd he’d make a huge donation to the charity of his choice if Floyd could read 1 page of a Harry Potter book out loud without messing up I was in tears. Creative trolling is the best trolling. 50 came from the clouds with this post on his Instagram yesterday.

Who the fuck let Floyd leave the house in those boots?! It is hysterical how similar these outfits are. 50 is the kind of dude who would be in a boxing match and punch the guy while he’s on the ground after knocking him out. He just can’t help himself from inflicting as much pain as humanly possible on his opponent. It brings him so much joy and happiness you can’t help but laugh with him. I guarantee when 50 stumbled upon this he was giggling up a storm as he posted it on his Instagram. I would adore for Floyd to respond so the floodgates can really open back up.