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Did Dave Portnoy Play For The Toronto Maple Leafs Before Creating Barstool? You Be The Judge

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So I was scrolling the internet today and I came across this picture after it was tweeted at the Spittin’ Chiclets account….At first I was a little confused as to why a picture of Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Paul Harrison from 1979 is being tweeted at us, then I zoomed in and I instantly saw it.

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It’s my new best friend Dave Portnoy just ripping it up, playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. What a god damn mogul. Just out here playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs before he started this lovely company that is dominating the media world and that employees myself and so many of my friends.

People think Dave is just joking when he says you need to get pucks on net…but he’s far from joking. He’s been there. He has gotten those pucks on net. And that is why he owns the internet…. because of the mere fact he is a #HockeyGuy and he has been there. Read a book.