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Guy Releases A Rat Inside A McDonalds After They Screw Up His Order

Source  – Police in Newark have now reported the an arrest of a man who released a rat from a cage in a busy downtown Newark restaurant earlier in the week after McDonalds staff allegedly made his order wrong. 

The video circulating on social media not only prompted the investigation, but also validated claims from McDonalds staff for charges to be laid, and will now also be used as evidence in conjunction with CCTV from the restaurant. 

Of all the evil ways to get back at a restaurant for screwing up your order, releasing a rat in the dining room has to be number one. There’s no coming back from that. It doesn’t matter how great a reputation you have, if someone so much as hints at a rodent problem, it’s over. Even in a McDonalds. The second he released it people started losing their minds. The worst part of the whole thing is that it’s his son’s rat. It’s domesticated. You can hear him ask to hold it right before his father commits the act of terror. Poor guy must’ve been so confused. Thought he was going to get a Happy Meal and ended up witnessing an absolutely diabolical crime. You almost have to respect it. I wasn’t surprised when I read that this took place in New Jersey either. Not that I have anything against Jersey, it’s just known as a dirty state.

Although as jarring as it must’ve been to be in there, there’s a zero percent chance I’m getting up if I’m eating. What am I going to do, get attacked by rat? No. The worst thing is it gets close to you, you tap your foot, and it runs away. I’ll get up when I’m done with my McChicken. Who knows what kind of charges they’ll bring against him: mayhem? inciting a riot? animal cruelty? Whatever the case, it’s good this monster is behind bars.

Ps: If it was one of these rats I’m running through the wall.