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Mike Tyson Smoked A Humongous Joint At A Weed Festival Over The Weekend

Mike Tyson is out here trying to join the MHOC. I’m not in the MHOC and I think Dave has to be in attendance when a person auditions for the MHOC but that’s a pretty damn good MHOC audition tape from Tyson. Iron Mike toking on one of the fattest joints these eyes have ever seen at a weed festival. How long does it take to smoke that whole thing? Hours? Days? Months? Jesus christ.

Post-fight career Mike Tyson seems like an awesome hang. There were times during his life when hanging out with Mike Tyson looked super not fun but he appears to have entered a new stage, a much more relaxed stage. I follow him on Instagram and all he does now is smoke weed and work on getting his marijuana farm/spa off the ground. That’s it. That’s all he does. He seems super relaxed now that he has found his calling in life and that calling involves smoking a TON of weed which probably helps with the relaxing part.

He went on Joe Rogan’s podcast recently and he couldn’t have been more calm and mild mannered. You’d never think he used to make hundreds of millions of dollars punching people’s heads off their bodies but he did and he was the best at it. Now? Now he just seems like a big, stoned teddy bear. A big, stoned teddy bear with a giant tribal tattoo on his face but still a teddy bear.