Jennifer Aniston Turns FIFTY Today, Continues Her Dominance Of The "Alien-Power Ageless Power Rankings"

The Alien-Power Ageless Power Rankings, in no particular order:

JLo, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, Christine Brinkley, Beckinsale, Heidi Klum, Julia Louis, Salma Hayek, Vergara etc etc.

(Ok there’s kind of an order, JLo is #1.)

Listen it’s 2019.  50 isn’t FIFTY anymore, like it used to be when we were younger.  When our moms turned 50 and we thought it was the oldest shit ever and that we wouldn’t have long to wait for our inheritance/life insurance money to kick in (no mom that’s not what I thought in real life, ha ha, just being funny for the blog, ha ha.)

50 is the new 40.  Age is just a number.  Hell even Portnoy went from like a 30 year old 4.5 to a 41 year old 8.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should get infinitely hotter the older you get.  That’s just not fair.

I mean look at these recent movies from Aniston that are all POST 40:

We’re The Millers – age: 44!!

Horrible Bosses – age: 42

Just Go With It – age: 42

The Bounty Hunter – age: 41

Jennifer Aniston right up there at the tippy tippy top of the ageless wonders.  All the little Hollywood starlets out there, eat your heart out: this is THE alpha female – oh, and the $20 million a year Friends residual check ain’t bad either.