Offset Using Footage Of Cardi B Giving Birth To Promote His Album Is Just Smart Business

This is one of the perks when you date/put a baby inside one of the most popular music artists in the world. You get to put real life birth footage into an album promo and get a bunch of press. Is it a little humiliating for Offset to be using Cardi B in order to promote his upcoming album? Maybe but that’s the thing about shame. If you accept it and don’t let it bother you, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. The sky is the limit for the shameless. At the end of the day, putting footage of Cardi B giving birth is going to increase the amount of money coming and that’s all that matters.

And you know what the best part is? I bet Cardi doesn’t care one bit. She’s such a ride or die chick that she probably told Offset to do it. She probably told the cameras to get closer. You really wanna sell some records? Get footage of the baby shooting outta her vagina. That’s how you get the streaming numbers to go through the roof. That’s how you make sure Offset is gonna have a successful solo career.

Does this look like the type of relationship where you can’t put birth footage into an album promo?

No it does not. That’s a relationship where anything goes.