Devin McCourty and Julian Edelman Should Host the Oscars

Has it really been four years since Julian Edelman presented a Grammy Award alongside one of his defensive backs?

It would appear so. He hasn’t been on since that time the Pats were coming off the win over Seattle when he and Malcolm Butler presented for Best Rock Album and Butler “intercepted” the envelope and we laughed and laughed at that spontaneous bit of hilarity that could only come from the comedic geniuses who write award show banter.

Well after seeing how Devin McCourty and Edelman were last night – how natural, how composed and in their element they were – it begs the question why Hollywood doesn’t hand them the job of hosting the Oscars? The show it two weeks away and they still don’t have anybody. Half the movie industry has old, homophobic Tweets in their background and the other half looked the other way when Harvey Weinstein was jacking off into potted plants and Jimmy Kimmel used to do blackface. So there’s basically no one left.

Which brings us to McCourty and Edelman. They’re funny. They can read a teleprompter. Nobody in America is better in a pressure situation. Like if, say, a couple of decaying old has-beens are handed the wrong envelope, don’t know how to ad-lib in the moment and just announce whatever winner they feel like. If McCourty can captain a defense that holds the Rams to a field goal and zero red zone trips and Edelman can win a Super Bowl MVP, the can certainly hand out the Best Costume Design Oscar and introduce the Dead Celebrity montage. Plus they’ve got as much experience as anybody when it comes to presenting awards to Lady Gaga, who’d going to win an Oscar, too. If nothing else they’d be a huge upgrade from James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

Not to mention be better looking. On second thought, never mind. They’d be the biggest stars in the room. Forget I mentioned it. That job is beneath them.