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Rudy The Bulldog May Be The Greatest Natural Athlete On The Planet

What an amazing accomplishment for Rudy to even finish that race, let alone be the Barry Gordon of pups. Just how unrealistic is it that a Bulldog can pull off dominating this athletic feat? Think about Zah dunking on a non-Fischer-Price hoop or Nate attempting to sprint without resembling Flynn White. Rudy is basically pulling off the impossible. Bulldogs aren’t meant to boogey. They’re genetically engineered to slumber on top of the central air vents during a hot Summer’s day and get old man grumpy when they’re forced to do ANYTHING. They legitimately can’t breathe after being bred down to barely having a nose, and this Bulldoggy is dominating the field on 1/4th the oxygen. Good on him.

Rudy. Fucks. But so does every other pup who attempts (is forced on) the course. Life ain’t easy on those Dog Show agility streets, as you can see.