You Know A Kid Got Viciously Crossed Over When The Ref Reacts Like He Saw A Murder

Alright, I’m going to say what we’re all thinking. This is unfair and probably some bad coaching. You can’t have your, well, your husky center switching onto that point guard. When you do that this happens. I mean I’d like to think the kid with the ball just started screaming mismatch before embarrassing him before he knows what a voice crack sounds like.

I can’t stop watching the ref though. Don’t get me wrong. The hesi cross is pretty damn impressive for the kid. But, the ref reacting like he thought he saw an actual murder is simply fantastic. Just adding more embarrassment to the kid who no doubt had his mom tell him he tried hard after the game.

I was waiting for the ref to start dancing or just high tail it out of there. I mean the hands up and shiver is an A+ move. But, I was expecting him just to leave. Run out of there screaming nope, that’s it, I’m done. Good news though for the kid who went flying? At least you went viral. People always live things down on the internet.

I need this ref to step in next and watch this clip.