Bulldogs Are Athletes, Too, And It's Time For The World To Start Treating Them As Such

So this clip of Rudy the Bulldog absolutely demolishing the agility course at the Westminster Dog Show has been making its rounds. And let me start off by saying something real quick–Rudy obviously isn’t your ordinary bulldog. That’s not because he was like a bolt of lightning out there and was crushing that entire course. The reason why Rudy isn’t your standard bulldog is because he was listening to wayyyyyy too many commands out there. Anybody who has a bulldog knows that you’re lucky to get your bulldog to listen to you maybe once or twice a day, and that’s usually when you’re bribing them with some food. They’re stubborn mother fuckers, for sure, but they’re athletes too.

While I’m glad that Rudy is bringing awareness to how athletic bulldogs can be, it just pains me to see so many uneducated and ignorant people out there think that this is some sort of anomaly. Bulldogs are highly athletic, the only issue is that they’re usually too smart to demonstrate it. They’re not going to run through a bunch of obstacles just because you told them too. They’re a big believer in “work smart, not hard”. They’re not going to run around endlessly wasting all their energy like a dumbass. Sure, they may spend the majority of their day sleeping and farting. But really they’re just saving up that energy to unleash it all in spurts like Rudy did at the Westminster show, and like my girl Maizie does on a daily occurrence.

Did I blog about this just so I could shamelessly post a few videos of my dog? Of course I did. But that’s besides the point.

What I’m trying to say here is that it shouldn’t take Rudy’s incredible performance at the Westminster agility contest for people to start realizing that bulldogs can be athletes too. They’re just deceptively athletic is all. But don’t let them fool you. They may not have the speed or the quickness of some other dogs out there, but they make up for all if it with their heart and intensity alone. Rock flag & eagle.