It's A Bad Day To Be A Miley Doubter- Miley Cyrus Absolutely Dominated The Grammys Last Night

Miley. Ray. Cyrus. Somehow Miley completed dominated the Grammys last night and she didn’t even have a solo performance. She rocked the red carpet in this black oversized pant suit, but kept it Miley with no shirt underneath so the cleavage could shine. The shoes. Did you see the shoes?!?!

Then she had a surprise performance with Shawn Mendes and let me tell ya, these two were meant for each other. On Saturday night they performed together to honor Dolly Parton and sang “Island In The Stream” and it was stunning. After their duet of “In My Blood” last night it’s pretty clear they should just cut an entire album together. They even wore matching vests. Adorable.

To wrap it all together, Miley came out in another amazing pant suit with no shirt to sing with just Dolly Parton (did you know Dolly is Miley’s godmother?) and then they were joined by Maren Morris. It was all around beautiful and Miley sounded fucking fantastic. I’d hate to be someone who thought Miley wouldn’t be back dominating the music world. She stole the show.

Oh wait? Is that a third look of the night that dominated? Ya don’t say.


If you needed any further proof that Miley is at her peak…check out her looks from Saturday night.

P.S.: If you were wondering where her husband, Liam Hemsworth, was last night…it appears he had to make a trip to the hospital. Which is a devastating lose because the only thing that could have made Miley better last night would have been to have her man on her arm.

If you missed Liam talking about Miley taking his name last night…I’ve added that as well just as a bonus. I love their love.