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Staffer For Texas Senator Coming In With A Scalding Hot Ebola Take




Now before everyone freaks out let’s just simply look at the facts. Obamacare was rolled out at the beginning of 2014. Ebola was invented last week. I’m not saying the two are correlated but they totally are and if you don’t realize that then you’re a fucking moron who doesn’t understand politics. I’d also like to point out that we never had ebola until we gave gay people rights and let women vote. Just think about it. Think about all of it. Illuminati.





I want to believe that he was actually joking (he definitely wasn’t and is a moron) but tough tough spot to make a joke when you’re a former physician and in politics. Maybe leave the jokes up to funny people? Either way, unfortunately in 2014 if the twitter mob gets you you’re fucked and the twitter mob HAMMERED this guy.







Now commence the comment section political debate for the rest of the afternoon. Ready go!