Remember Where You Were the Night History Was Made

Oh it’s true! And I have the tweets from strangers to prove it:

Well? Where were you when this history was made?

Me? I was on my couch…as I usually am when history is made. As well as when no history is made. February 10, 2019, was the night Young Thug and Future both won Grammy’s. Never forget the night Future took home the Grammy for:

“La di da di da, slob on me knob. Pass me some syrup, fuck me in the car”

Groundbreaking. Juicy J is somewhere smiling. He doesn’t know where the fuck he is or why he’s smiling. But he’s smiling. Let’s take a quick inventory:

Musicians that do NOT have a Grammy Award:

-Nas. No Grammy’s. Zero.

-Tupac. Grammy-less.

-Mozart. No hoes. Less Grammy’s.

Musicians that do have a Grammy Award:


-Young Thug

Wow! I can’t say that I am much of an advanced stats guy, but the data speaks for itself. Thug, of course, won a Grammy for his work on “This is America”, with Childish Gambino. I look forward to the day where “Ad-lib of the Year” is an actual Grammy. Soon.

Congrats to all.