Austin Rivers Got In The Face And Was Ready To Fight A Fan Who Said His Dad Sucks At Coaching

You know what? I respect Austin Rivers now. Is this a fake tough guy move? Possibly. But, I love when an athlete gets back in the face of a dude talking shit. It brings a smile to my face. I remember loving former LSU basketball head coach John Brady the moment he started talking shit back to me and some buddies during a LSU/UK game.

The best part though is the guy quietly saying he didn’t say anything. He went from screaming that Doc Rivers sucks at coaching to apologizing. I may have to start doing this if someone says something about my dad. Now, I have no idea why anyone would talk shit about my dad but now I know there’s protocol here.

Still some of the best ones going back at fans:

Clem said this before but it’s a good time to remind everyone this. The Malice In The Palace did two good things. One, it ruined the Pacers for years, which as a Knicks fan I loved. And two, it let fans know that there is always a chance that you could be beaten into a fine paste by an NBA player. Granted, Austin Rivers will neverrrrrrrrrr be confused for Ron Artest or Stephen Jackson. But anytime an NBA player is talking shit to you from point blank range, just remember that you don’t want to become the next Pistons Fan Turtle if you try to make things physical.


h/t _justinbolton on Instagram