Finally Some Good News, Kyrie Irving's Knee Injury Isn't Serious


I know it was reported during the game that all Kyrie did was sprain his knee, but given how things have gone for this team recently there was no chance I was believing that report at the time. I had been waiting all day for a Woj bomb about this injury that would prove to be a devastating blow, so I cannot stress enough what a relief it is to hear that it’s not serious and he’s expected to be day to day moving forward. My mind was all over the place late last night wondering about what the final verdict might be, whether it was going to be some sort of MCL sprain, or a slight tear, it’s not as if Kyrie has the best injury history regarding his knees so I was prepared for anything. I started coming to grips with the potential reality that the Celts may be without Kyrie for an extended period of time. I know that may be silly because there was nothing out there that would give me that impression, but again given how things have been going lately I was putting every option on the table.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wonder what a long stretch of Starter Terry will look like. Now this doesn’t guarantee Kyrie will be ready to roll come Tuesday against the Sixers, but with additional matchups against both TOR/MIL on the road later this month it’s reassuring to know that he should be able to play in those. If he’s back by Tuesday great, but the biggest thing here is we avoided anything serious. Maybe they go the conservative route and rest him until the All Star break, but honestly if he’s not hurt and is medically cleared they need to play him. In my opinion they lost the right to give Kyrie extra rest the second they decided to start blowing 20 point leads all the damn time.

I’m just glad we can exhale and avoided a real disaster. The Celts have a million things to figure out over the next few weeks, and thankfully having to find a way to navigate without Kyrie for an extended period of time doesn’t appear to be one of them. Feels good to finally get some good news surrounding this team, I very much needed it.