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Ariana Grande Had Been Hit By Multiple Pucks At NHL Games By The Time She Was 5 Years Old, Is Possibly Living In A Final Destination Movie

This is absolutely outrageous. Like, come on. How is this real?

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 1.28.29 PM

Who gets hit by a puck not once, but twice in their life, nevermind from the ages of 2-5 years old? Just absolutely outrageous. And then that girl grows up to be Ariana Grande…it’s just, how does her life continue to get even more out of control and ridiculous? When you really think about all the shit she’s gone through in the last 2 or so years (Manchester bombing, boyfriend dying, Pete Davidson) it makes you wonder if she’s a Final Destination movie in real life. And it all started at Florida Panthers hockey games when she was a toddler. Just getting sprayed by rouge pucks from the time she could walk. She has all the money in the world but my god, some of the worst luck I’ve ever seen.

I would like to know if she’s still a diehard Panthers fan though. Wonder if she grew up with a John Vanbiesbrouck poster on her wall. Would be pretty awesome.

And here she is belting out the Anthem at 8 years old. Surprised the mic didn’t electrocute her or something mid performance.