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John Paxson & Gar Forman Should Stay Far Away From Bobby Portis Tonight

Those tweets happened the night he was traded.

Then these tweets were after he put up 30 in his Wizards debut last night:

Now here’s where I could talk about how I agree with KC Johnson that the Bulls did give Portis a fair offer and he declined it. I could also say that I kinda liked the trade. But, for the sake of not getting murdered, I’m just going to keep my fat mouth shut.

I mean Bobby Portis alone is nobody to fuck with. Grudge Bobby though could be the most terrifying person in the world. Nobody who’s ever wronged him in Chicago is safe tonight. Gar and Pax should be hiding out in Jerry’s bunker because I can guarantee Bobby’s running up to that suite with his eyes the size of crockpots as soon as he drops 30.

#ThoughtsAndPrayersForGar/Pax (just kidding, fuck them)

P.S. – If anybody has the odds on their book…Bobby Portis double-double has gotta be the lock of the century, right?