I Bet Manny Machado Wishes He Could Go Back In Time And Take The Yankees $220 Million Offer

So yesterday we finally got a report/rumor about what the Yankees actually offered Manny Machado when they sat down back in December. The reported offer was $220 million for 7 or 8 years, which puts him at an AAV of $31.4 mill or $27.5 mill. That’s as good of a deal Manny is going to get, folks. So there’s a couple things to draw from this.

Manny probably wishes he could back in time. The market has dropped significantly for him since free agency began and now he’s left with seemingly one offer…the White Sox. Imagine telling him this back in December? Yeah we’re a week away from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training and you’re still without a team, and oh yeah by the way the only team offering you anything really is the 62 win Chicago White Sox. But it’s cool because they signed two of your friends to 1 and 2 year deals which will definitely make you want to stay here for eight years! Yikes. Of course the Phillies are involved too, but their sights are mainly set on Bryce these days. There’s no way Machado could have seen this playing out like it is. Could you imagine he has to take a 7 year $200 million deal from Chicago? That’s the best he gets? Not great!

I believe the Yankees made this kind of offer, but were denied because Manny thought he could get $300 million from someone. Some reports out there say he is still looking for that money. Not happening. Is this Yankees offer still on the table? No shot. The moment the team signed LeMahieu I think that was a clear sign that they had moved on. You can throw Tulo in there too, but the reality is they can cut him at any moment they want with zero damage done. At this point we’re talking a less than 10% chance Manny is in pinstripes, and I accepted that weeks ago.

This is the first time we’re hearing about a Yankees offer with dollars and years attached to it (hence why I’m writing the blog). Why is that? I think Hal leaked it to get the fanbase off his back a little. You don’t hear Yankees leaks ever until they actually happen, part of why Cashman is so good at what he does. This is coming out now in an attempt for Hal to get the “cheap” tag off of him. He’s not cheap, their payroll will be over $200 million in 2019 and they’ll go over the luxury tax threshold. I’ve said that the Yankees had a very good offseason of attacking their needs, and they have. Cheap isn’t the right word, but passive is.

A Machado/Harper signing would be the ultimate “fuck you” move everyone was looking for. Hal wasn’t cheap this offseason, he just decided to spread out the money to more players than just one. I’m not defending him because I obviously want one of these two guys along with who we signed, but knowing this was the offer (if it in fact was) does help me sleep better at night. So yes, this leak worked on a brain like me because I’m stupid. Still, they’re both just sitting out there waiting for a good offer. It’s February 9th and two 26 year superstars are still on the open market. This is crazy.

Oh and Marcus Stroman is an asshole. Master troll asshole.