After Wearing A Gucci Headband For Roughly 862 Days In A Row, Soulja Boy Is Boycotting The Brand After Their Blackface Controversy

Wooooooooooooooow. Stunning news folks. Gucci might actually be in trouble here. Many famous people and celebrities are boycotting Gucci after their blackface controversy.  I’m neither famous nor a celebrity but I count myself among the boycott because I don’t own any Gucci apparel. Is that because I’m simply too poor to own any Gucci apparel or because I saw this blackface thing coming? It’s hard to say but I am firmly boycotting Gucci. That much we know. However, I never thought Soulja Boy would be on the boycott list in a million years. Over these past couple months Soulja Boy and his Gucci headband have been inseparable. Nobody has rocked the Gucci brand more publicly than Soulja Boy.  Not only have Soulja and the headband been inseparable but they have been inducted into the pop culture Hall of Fame after his recent media run.

Soulja was wearing it during his infamous DRAAAAAAAAAAAKE moment on the Breakfast Club

He was wearing it when he walked into Barstool HQ and proclaimed, “Soulja Boy in the building!” despite everyone knowing it was Soulja Boy as soon as he stepped off the elevator. It was also then that the entire 3rd floor filled with the aroma of grape swishers. Probably a coincidence.

But those days are over. It’s Fendi headbands only. Turns out making a high-end blackface sweater will drive away even the most loyal customers. Who knew?

PS- I like that Soulja said, “until further notice”. Blackface or not, Soulja Boy can’t burn the Gucci bridge completely. You never know what fire gear they’re gonna come out with next.