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No Biggie, But Temple University Researchers Have Almost Cured HIV/AIDS


Temple – Temple University researchers used a gene editing technique to remove HIV DNA from the type of human immune cells where the virus maintains a smoldering reservoir of infection. The experiment, building on the researchers’ previous HIV gene-editing work, was conducted in T cells growing in lab dishes. Whether it works in actual patients remains to be seen. Still, the study bolsters the concept that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can be cured, not just controlled in a latent stage by anti-viral drugs. Achieving a cure has been a bedeviling challenge because there has been no way to eliminate latent viral DNA from an infected cell’s genetic code without destroying that cell. “We might be able someday to cure HIV right here in Philadelphia,” said Temple neurovirologist Kamel Khalili, leader of the study published online this month in the journal Scientific Reports.

BAM! The Temple Owls sent in the goon on the world’s deadliest virus and took it down. Great stuff from campus. If Magic Johnson didn’t already prove that an unlimited supply of money and resources can cure you of the HIV virus it would be bigger news, but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is it’s nice to see humanity finally being saved instead of shot at in the area. For once science gets FACED by North Philly for something other than advanced crime scene forensics.

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