I Stand With This Woman Who Snuck Into A Church And Pushed Over A 15-Foot Cross

Church is stupid and dumb and idiotic but that’s not why I stand with this woman who vandalized a church by pushing over a 15-foot cross. I stand with her because it looks like so much damn fun to destroy a church. Church is seen as a place where you’re supposed to behave and wear your best clothes and not be rowdy and not break anything. Well guess what? That makes me wanna be rowdy and break everything. Call me a rebel if you want but I really am like a small child. Show me something I’m not supposed to destroy and that’s the exact thing that’s gonna make me want to destroy it. Tell me not to put my hand on a hot stove and I’m gonna melt my hand putting it on that hot stove.

Should this woman be worried that The Lord is now gonna strike her down for what she did? NOPE. She should be because there’s no such thing. I’m sorry to go all Ricky Gervais but there is no Lord, there is no God and there will be no revenge for pushing over that cross. She could’ve gone to 100 churches and pushed over 100 crosses and anything bad that happened to her after that would’ve happened anyway. That’s life.