The Wheels Are Now In Motion For Chris Hogan's Next Move

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams

Did you know…

…that Chris Hogan…

…used to play lacrosse?????


It’s true. And now that Chris Hogan will become a free agent after winning his 2nd Super Bowl ring, there’s never been a better time for Chris Hogan to change his title from “Former Lacrosse Player” to “Current Lacrosse Player”.

What more could he possibly want out of football? He’s already got everything he could have ever asked for. He has money. He has fame. He has championship rings. And the most important part of all–he still has his health. So he might as well go out on top and come back to the sport that made him the world class athlete that he is today. It’s time for Chris Hogan to come home.

So consider this an open invitation for Chris Hogan to come on The Crease Dive to announce his retirement from the NFL and his return to the sport of lacrosse in the PLL this summer. The offer is always there for you, Chris.

P.S. – Same goes for Steph Curry.