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What You Thought A Little Ruptured Quad Tendon Was Going To Stop Victor Oladipo?

This is a situation that hits close to home for yours truly. No, not because I too have ruptured my quad tendon, if that were to happen I would have just demanded to be put out to pasture. I can relate to this because I know what it’s like to be a fan of a team and see one of your really good players go down with a gruesome injury. I know what that feeling is like in the pit of your stomach and in the ensuing months you are looking EVERYWHERE on the internet for anything positive in regards to that player’s recovery. It’s why I blogged every single time Gordon Hayward shot from a chair, and then the first time he picked up marbles with his toes, and then the first time he was walking around without a cast, and then his first layup, and then his first jumper, it all helps even if it’s a silly exercise.

So I want to do that for any Pacers fan who may be in that same spot when it comes to Victor Oladipo. Maybe you haven’t seen this video, but if I’m a Pacers fan I am loving every second of this. Oladipo had surgery what, a week ago? Maybe a little longer? I don’t think anyone would have blamed him for taking in it easy, but that’s just not the Oladipo way. Even if he’s limited to a trainers table, this man is going to get his shots up and get better. He’s not going to let some silly ruptured quad get in the way of his journey back. It’s already impossible to not love Oladipo, but a video like this shows the kind of determination and drive he has. He could have been depressed that his All Star season came to and end with a gruesome injury, but he told us while hopped up on every pain med under the sun that he would be back and better than ever

and here he is already on the comeback trail. Awesome stuff.

This may not seem like a big deal, but as a fan until you’ve lost a key player to a fluke season ending injury, you just won’t understand. You need anything you can get to get you through the recovery process and put the doubts aside. Hopefully this helps any depressed Pacers fan out there.