Quenton Nelson Was Apparently A 300 Pound Lefty White Chocolate In High School

HOT SIZZLLLLLLLLE! We all know White Chocolate, I’m sure millions of people have been nicknamed White Lightning, so I am officially dubbing Quenton Nelson White Thunder. Yeah Zion Williamson becoming Low Carb Charles Barkley 2.0 and dunking on anything that breathes at 285 is impressive. But I just watched a 6’5″, 330 pound absolute unit of a manchild become a magician with the rock years before he became an All-Pro guard as an NFL rookie. Okay, comparing to Nelson to the most hyped hoops prospect we have seen in years is unfair. But I’m still going to put Nelson above Patrick Mahomes on my Knicks free agent wish list if either of them want to play a sport where you don’t have to worry about getting your brain bashed in any given Sunday.

Also I don’t care if there is video of Quenton Nelson doing a 360 dunk from the free throw line, this is the best highlight he will ever have, regardless of if it is fake since the scream happened on a different play.

UPDATE: It turns out the term White Thunder is taken and may not be something people want attached to them. At least not in the sports field.