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Ariana Grande Slams Grammy's Producers Over Performance Drama: "Now You're Lying About Me"

For those of you who don’t know the story- It was reported the other day that Ariana Grande would not be performing at the Grammy’s or attending after Grammy’s producers tried to tell her which songs she can and cannot sing on stage. Now the producers are speaking out saying Ariana wouldn’t be performing do to it being “too late to pull something together.” Ariana clearly wasn’t happy about this, slamming them on twitter saying that they’re lying about what actually happened.

I’m on Ariana’s side here because I feel like if she’s the one singing, she should be the one who picks her songs. Especially when she’s the most famous pop-star in the world right now and her songs break records. Apparently the producers said she could see 7 Rings as a medley but that they would have to pick the second song. You can try and make the argument that the producers of the show are in charge and what not but ultimately the most famous pop-star in the world should be calling the shots.

Either way, this is great promo for Ariana’s new album that was just released today. 2 albums in 6 months is a flex and a half.