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Giannis Knew Exactly What He Was Doing When He Cowardly Traded Ben Simmons To Team LeBron

2019 All-Star Draft

So by now everybody knows that LeBron James is 100% using this NBA all star game as a tryout for the future Lakers. He drafted Anthony Davis who he’s already been tampering with to get to LA. He drafted his guy Kyrie whoo will be a free agent this summer. He drafted Kevin Durant who is a free agent this summer. He drafted Kawhi and Klay Thompson who will be free agents this summer. He basically built his video game dream team and he’s going to be making sales pitches all All Star Weekend long to get those guys to LA.

And what does he do in the middle of the draft? He goes out and offers to trade Russ Westbrook for Ben Simmons under the disguise of people wanting to see Russ and Embiid playing on the same team, given their history. But that’s the biggest load of bullshit in the world. It’s incredibly obvious that LeBron James wants Ben Simmons to eventually end up with the Lakers, and this was just another sneaky move to get around some tampering rules to make that happen. So what does Giannis do about it?


And why does Giannis accept the trade? Well because he obviously wants Ben Simmons out of the East. Think about what has happened over the past few days. The Sixers loaded up by trading for Tobias Harris as well as some addition by subtraction with losing Fultz. The Raptors loaded up by trading for Marc Gasol. And the Bucks loaded up by trading for Nikola Mirotic. There’s an arms race going down in the Eastern Conference, and Giannis is nervous. So by trading Ben Simmons to Team LeBron for the all star game, he knows it’s only a matter of time before LeBron convinces Ben to get himself to the Lakers which obviously hurts the Sixers.

LeBron wants Ben Simmons in LA. Giannis wants Ben Simmons out of the Eastern Conference. And somehow this isn’t against every single rule ever written. It’s bullshit, but I can’t say I’m surprised. The NBA is always trying to fuck over the Sixers. Whether it’s forcing Sam Hinkie out of town and bringing in that sack of shit Bryan Colangelo, or now this. Nobody wants to see the city of Philadelphia have any success, but that’s why it’s Philly against the world.