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In Case You Hadn't Heard: THE HAWKS ARE BACK


Last night was a playoff game and the Blackhawks got those two point they needed. SIX STRAIGHT WINS. Let’s check in on the standings

28 standigns

just keep climbing, just keep winning, one day at a time, one piece at a time

I’ve never been more impressed with 19 and 88. They’re 30 years-old on a roster that isn’t up to par and they’re DRAGGGING this team to the playoffs. And you know what…it’s infectious because the entire team is starting to play better. Toews and Kane set the tone, then Debrincat and Strome come right behind them. For the first time in a while the Blackhawks have two DANGEROUS lines in their top 6 and their bottom 6 plays responsibly and they play hard. It’s enough. It’s enough with great goaltending and powerplay that is the absolutely hottest thing in the NHL to put the Blackhawks back in the playoff hunt where they belong.

I read a book one time about the Civil War. The Battle of Shiloh. The Union Army took heavy losses. It was this cold, miserable, down pour of a night. Ulysis S Grant was sitting against a tree trunk trying to do anything he could to stay dry when Sherman emerged from the darkness, completely exhausted and feeling defeated. He said to Grant with his head down “we had the Devil’s own day today”. And Grant looked up at him, took the soggy cigar from his mouth and said “well…lick em tomorrow”. That’s all you can do when things are shitty. Just get lick em tomorrow.

There were plenty of times this year when the Blackhawks could’ve packed it in. November 2018 was an absolute disaster. The leadership core wouldn’t let another season slip by. They just kept working. Fighting. Clawing. Getting better little by little and now it’s paying off. The Blackhawks are right fucking there and if you’re doubting this team now YOU are the idiot, not me. It’s time for the entire city to Join Or Die.

And that includes Stan Bowman and John McDonough. Be. Bold. I’ve said all along that the Blackhawks were TWO forwards away from being an asbolute wagon up front. That is still the case. Imagine a scenario where you are able to add Panarin back into this team. Now you’ve two sets of soulmates. Kane-Panarin, Strome-Debrincat. If the Blackhawks can find a way to do a sign-and-trade for one of these marquee UFAs to be then they absolutely need to pull the trigger. They have assets. Especially on the blue line. I would pay a premium to have one of those guys for the stretch run, playoffs, and ensure that they’d never actually hit the open market. I want to go for it. I want to max out on a the best hockey Toews and Kane have ever played. And if that means giving up a Nic Beaudin then so be it. The time to win is right now because the Blackhawks are BACK.