In The MLB's Journey To Quicken The Pace of Play And Grow The Game of Baseball They've Decided To Rename the 'Disabled List' The 'Injured List'

I thought this was an Onion article at first. There cannot possibly be people out there who were upset about Major League Baseball naming their inactive list the ‘disabled list.’ There just can’t. There are a lot of things to be complaining about in the world and for people to get offended by, but if ‘disabled list’ actually brought disgust to your mind then I can’t help you. Being put on the DL is synonymous with baseball. No one is going to call it the IL. NO ONE.

I just picture MLB executives sitting at a board room meeting today and pitching different ideas to better the game. Maybe be more open about social media and allow people on Twitter to tweet out whatever clips they want? Nope, fuck that. Maybe a pitch clock. Nah. A universal DH? Too smart. Legalize steroids? They should, but won’t because they’re cowards. What did they come up with today? That the ‘Disabled List’ offended too many people in the world.


I will not stop calling it the DL. That I can promise you.