The Worst Chicago Deep Dish Pizza In The World Has Been Found

At Barstool Chicago we have no shortage of food hardasses. Eddie and Dave tried to sort out their hot dog differences on the Chicago Dog Walk podcast yesterday and it ended with them screaming at each other…over hot dogs. That food fight started in earnest back when Dente was in town for Pizza Reviews. Dave and Eddie argued off-camera for like weeks about. Everyone has their own spot. Northwest side this, suburbs that, south side this. Well the Far East Side Chicago Pizza is something we can all unite to hate.

Fucking Japan. Look at this shit. LOOK what they’re calling Chicago style pizza

That’s not pizza, kemosabe. That’s fondu. I don’t know if that’s over-cooked or under-cooked, all I know is that it looks like absolute shit. And why is the crust black? Is that a seaweed wrap?

That’s a tsanumi of cheese. How is anyone even supposed to eat this? The closest thing you could compare this to in Chicago is Oven and Grinder’s pizza pot pie

pizza pot pie

I love pizza pot pie once a year(get the flat bread too if you go), but even they have the courtesy to not call it deep dish. It’s hard enough to defend the reputation of Chicago style pizza domestically. Now we have to get a translator and an ambassador to inform Asia that what they’re putting our name on.

So what are our options here? Carl isn’t in the office yet and he generally serves as our legal cousel, but I think he we need to send a C&D on behalf of the city. This could impact our tourism. We can’t let the Far East ruin our previous impeccable reputation.