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This Lacrosse Ref Has An Absolute Rocket Launcher For An Arm, Could Be The Next Big MLB Free Agency Signing

I can guarantee you this guy right here can break 68 mph with this flag toss. I mean we’re looking at high 70s/low 80s here at a minimum.


No crow hop or anything. Just flips his hips ands steps into that bad boy. If I had to take a guess, I’d say you’ll find that flag somewhere halfway across Duke’s campus today. Not a chance in hell that thing stayed inside the stadium. Buddy over here launched that flag into outer space with zero regard for humanity.

And from the looks of it, this ref had that flag locked, loaded and ready to go. The throw itself was obviously pretty damn impressive. But to have the feel and instincts to know that a foul was most likely going to occur there and to be prepared to send that flag and estimated 60-yards down the field? That right there is a man who born to enforce the rules of the game. It’s always great to see people doing the things that they were put on this Earth to do. To be able to witness pure greatness like that isn’t something that happens often in life so when you get a chance to see it, you can never take it for granted.

We are all witness.


By the way–It looks like the foul was being called on Reilly Walsh (#42 on Duke) for making contact with Asher Nolting within 5-yards after a restart. For those of you who don’t follow lacrosse, you need to give the player with the ball at least 5 yards before a restart. There used to be a time when the game wouldn’t resume until after the defending player backed up at least 5-yards away from the ball carrier. But the game is getting faster so now the whistle is blown for a restart as soon as the offensive player is ready. So an easy way to draw a penalty these days is for the offensive player to pick up the ball as soon as possible and run directly into the nearest defensive player to draw that contact within 5-yards. It’s a savvy move and the type of play that helps High Point knock off #2 Duke in the first full week of the 2019 college lacrosse season.

h/t Dan Aburn