Would You Rather Pay Off Your Student Loans OR Go On Vacation?


What if I told you instead of partying with these lovely ladies you could go to work, not spend insane money for bottle service, and  reduce your student loan debt by almost two grand? Would you do it? Would you sacrifice that trip, those life-long memories, for a little debt relief?

Depends on how smart you are and if you work for a badass company like Unum.

Starting next year, U.S. employees at insurance company Unum Group will have a choice: The company will put money toward their student loans, if the worker gives up five paid vacation days.

The deal for Unum’s 8,500 workers… Cash for debt in exchange for unused vacation days. Each day is worth an employee’s hourly rate for an eight-hour day. Parents who share responsibility for a child’s loans also qualify to cash in.

Unum estimates that around 30 percent of its U.S. workforce will take advantage of the benefit. On average, Unum employees carry $32,000 in debt, with payments of $350 a month, according to the company’s internal research. How much workers can earn for their vacation days depends on their salary, but the company estimates an average of about $1,200 a year.

When I first read this I thought this program was designed to make the people that take vacation look like assholes for not having the work ethic of those who would rather give up five days of vacation. But here’s the real kicker:

Unum employees get at least 28 days of paid time off, nearly double the 15 paid days the average U.S. worker gets, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

AT LEAST 28 days off! That’s 5.6 weeks if you include weekends. Who the hell needs that much time off (besides Europeans)! Here at Barstool we have unlimited vacation, which in turn means we don’t have vacation. Pretty sure Dan took his first vacation last summer after like 7 years. 28 days is an absurd amount of time off.

If your company if offering up free money to go towards loans and your lazy ass would rather take 28 days off instead of 23- you deserve to drown in debt. And trust me, as someone who’s swimming in it, it ain’t fun.